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Posted on December 28, 2020 by Edward Muhleisen under Cremation
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cremation services in Garyville, LA

Choosing cremation services in Garyville, LA gives you a lot of flexibility to plan a unique, meaningful and respectful memorial or service for your lost loved one. In fact, cremations make it simple to make sure your deceased loved one’s service is special to him or her.

Memorial services are for both the living and the dead, as they help honor the deceased while providing a healthy and constructive place for the living to grieve. An ideal service helps you and your loved ones mourn the loss while bringing together those that cared for the deceased to everyone can pay tribute. It can be overwhelming to plan a memorial service for after a cremation, especially when you’re grieving a loss. Use these tips from Millet funeral home LaPlace, LA to help you plan a memorial service for your lost loved one after a cremation.

Start with the date and time. One nice thing about cremation services as opposed to burials and funerals is that you don’t have a deadline or specific timeline. With a burial, you need to have the funeral service within a few days of death because of decomposition. With a cremation service, however, you have as much time as you want since the body is already broken down. You can easily plan memorial services at later dates to allow people to come from out of town, or to have it be on an important or meaningful day.

Once you’ve chosen a day, you can start planning the specifics. There are practically zero restrictions on what services should or need to be, so feel free to get creative. Think about the deceased and what he liked, stood for, or is most remembered for and expand on that. Have a theme party, make video tributes, scatter ashes in a ceremony, or even do things the deceased liked to do. For example, if the deceased loved golf, have a golf themed cremation service. You can order a golf ball urn for the ashes, and have guests take turns at a driving range. If the deceased really loved one specific park, hold the service in the park and scatter his ashes there (with a proper permit.)

Don’t forget to ask for help. While planning memorial services can be bittersweet or even exciting, they also happen during a time of loss and can bring up stressful feelings. You might need help with the planning, and that’s OK. Ask for help from other family members or loved ones or hire professionals. Find a funeral home nearby that has experience with memorial services to help you plan your event with compassion and attention.

cremation services in Garyville, LA

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to memorial services after a cremation. If you want more help planning a service or a cremation, get in touch with Millet Guidry Funeral Home. We have years of experience with Garyville, LA cremation services, and would love to help you in your time of need. Visit us or give us a call today to learn more.

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